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qNomics collaborates with a number of partners including qLegal, the Queen Mary Legal Advice Centre and financial services consultancy firm. 

About Yasmin Desai

Yasmin Desai has a passion for entrepreneurship and has worked with several small businesses and start ups. Yasmin studied Economics at Queen Mary University in London and has been awarded several awards for her achievements in her entrepreneurship interests. Yasmin’s experience has involved event management, project management and operations. She is currently working with several start ups and is aiming to start her own company in the next few years. Yasmin also documents her work experience/knowledge on her blog.


About Self-Employed Academy

The Self-Employed Academy deliver workshops and courses teaching entrepreneurial skills and wealth creation. Their mission is to help young adults cultivate and entrepreneurial spirit and learn practical skills to help their business ideas succeed.

Junior Ogunyemi

Junior Ogunyemi is a multi award winning entrepreneur, author and speaker. He started making headlines for launching a series of successful start-ups while he was still in university. By the time he graduated he had been recognised as on of the top 10 most outstanding students in the UK, and was the author of the revolutionary book, “How To Be A Student Entrepreneur.”

He has worked on government initiatives and advises some of the leading educational institutions on how to nurture entrepreneurs. In 2016 he launched the Global Entrepreneur Academy, an organisation that supports and trains small business owners for success. 


Twitter: @JuniorOgunyemi





About Ren Organisational Consulting

Ren Organisational Consulting is a business coaching and consulting service offering amongst other things, bespoke services for entrepreneurs, supporting them in their journeys at all stages, to build flourishing businesses. Our appeal is that it is holistic and agile in its approach. It draws from a combination of disciplines such as business management, psychology, executive coaching, health and experience to deliver a service that is particularly relevant to startups and growing businesses which are such unique enterprises with very particular challenges.

The objective is to ensure that founders are better prepared to weather the challenges of building a company, no matter the stage in their journey and cycle within the economy and industry.
Simply put, the conditions for a startup to succeed can be perfect, but if the management team does not lead and manage themselves and others well, then the business will not succeed in the long term. RenOC is here to ensure that the odds of this happening are minimised.

Services include:

  • Leadership, executive and business coaching & training
  • Recruitment, team dynamics, talent retention and development and culture building
  • Communication and presentation skills – (including but not exclusively) to external, internal
    and remote audiences, conflict management
  • Resilience and stress management
  • Reviewing business strategies and aligning them with objectives incl interim COO and
    advisory board roles

For further information, please the website


Pro-actions Business Coaching & Support

Pro-actions are results-focused Business Coaches who help business owners address their issues, improve their results, and kick start growth. We help businesses achieve their potential so they provide their owners with the lifestyles they want.

  • We stay focused on your results - Everything we do is driven by improving the results of your business.
  • We are not prescriptive - Because no two businesses are identical we do not work from a manual, we look at real solutions.
  • We are flexible - How you work with us is down to you, we are flexible and will negotiate and structure our help to match your needs, requirements, affordability and goals. You are the client; you are in control.
  • We do not have long term contracts - We work on a month’s notice because we want you to be in charge of the relationship. If we’re not adding value, we’re out.
  • We can help you all the way through your journey - Whether you’re a new start-up, an established business that has been up and running for some time, or even a large business looking to take the next step we have something, and more importantly, someone to help you!
  • We understand your business first - We make it our business to understand your business, this is so that we can start helping you make changes that will positively affect your business.
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