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qNomics provides free business advice to tech start-up companies and entrepreneurs.

How qNomics can help

qNomics offers free financial guidance that covers a range of complex financial issues including:

  • Market strategy - Advice on how to bring your products into market, and insights into relevant sector.
  • Business planning - Practical advice on appropriate steps to take in order to grow the business.
  • Accounting - Practical advice and best practice on how to manage financials.
  • Funding - Assistance on investor pitch decks, pitching advice, introduction to relevant people in the network subject to readiness of the business.
  • Regulatory compliance
  • qData - data analytics and targeted marketing surveys.

Advice delivery

Advice is delivered by qNomics student advisers under the supervision of qualified practitioners. If you book an advice session with us you will:

  • Attend an appointment with two qNomics advisers and a qualified practitioner.
  • Receive written advice within three weeks.

The aim of the appointment is for us to understand your business issues and gather information, we do not provide advice during the appointment. Once we have considered your issue we ensure that any advice we provide is checked by a qualified practitioner. Contact us to book a free advice appointment.

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