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Yana Papst

As a student advisor at qNomics, I was given the valuable opportunity to work with technology start-ups and entrepreneurs as well as with high-profile practitioners from KPMG and Bovill, who provided extensive training and support throughout the advice process. 

I greatly appreciated the direct client contact and developed an enhanced sense of responsibility when giving advice, having realised that it can have a substantial impact on businesses; it may give a startup, on which your clients worked full-time, a kick start and allow the business – a fantastic idea that merely needs a hint towards the right direction – to strive. 

The outcome not only benefited the clients but also gave me confidence in, for example, working in a team, conducting interviews, drafting advice letters tailored to clients’ needs and dealing with unanticipated situations in a competent manner.

Sonia I. Saranti

I consider qNomics as a considerably valuable input on my QMUL academic life. Knowledge is of utmost importance for Master’s students’ future plans, however a substantial essence of how professional life unfolds is an asset for the follow-up. 

Indeed, the ability to deal with complicated practical issues – and not isolated subjects of a chapter in a book – research on them and draft their solutions is not an easy, but is a very professional task to undertake.

In qNomics I had the chance to cooperate with talented people, interact with entrepreneurs and start-ups and try to find practical solutions for businesses on their initial development stages. Experienced professionals from KPMG and Bovill supported our team and assisted particularly on our research, on drafting and on our overall commercial awareness development, all those skills being very much appreciated by the market. 

Finally, I find the role-playing changes (from lead to support student and vice versa), as well as my additional challenge as a member of the marketing team of qNomics of crucial importance towards the enhancement of my administrational and team working skills within one single procedure.

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